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  9. The top ties in a halter style and is very comfortable.

    I can’t believe I ever did this, because I know I’ve done damage to my skin as
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  12. I saw a unique white body in my own house last night.
    What do you think it is? Hey everyone, I understand this is a
    typical type of “spirit” sighting, but I really want to discover what the white figure was.

    It just happened last night when it was probably around
    3am. I woke up and saw a white body that looked
    like it had been hanging off my dresser. I thought
    it had been just clothing, therefore i tried… display more It was an “Unusual White figure”—–Actually that’s whatever you know.
    You could CALL it “A ghost” but it wouldn’t normally necessarily
    be therefore. Ghosts are what we CALL uncommon phenomena we
    cannot identify especially if it is true but our current Science cannot clarify it YET either.
    It does not suggest they are real “Spirits of the dead” we have no idea what they are—Science has not discovered EVERYTHING inside our
    world YET. So unknown phenomena does can be found, especially if various other people see it too and it turns up on instruments.
    But unidentified or unexplained phenomena will not necessarily mean “Spirits’ or “Ghosts”—that’s simply something people assume without proof, because not having a name or reason behind something we have no idea about bothers us.

  13. Can I have a bath when trying to conceive? We are trying for
    a baby and I’ve heard hot water can kill sperm or stop production. MUST I avoid baths altogether?
    Or stay below a particular temp? Baths do nothing at all to sperm!

  14. Which social networking do you utilize more often ?
    Facebook or Twitter ? I’m 30 and I take advantage of both
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  15. Why didnt voodoo thrive as a religion in Africa when Haiti
    used it to defeat Napoleon? Voodoun is a
    mix of Roman Catholicism& traditional west African religions, principally
    Dahomey religion. Over the last 2000 years, monotheistic religions such as Christianity and Islam have grown at the
    expense of older polytheistic religions.Traditional African religions are rapidly
    disappearing and being… show more The Haitians defeated Napoleon due
    to British support, and yellow fever decimating the French forces.

    Voodoo had nothing to do with it.


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